About ja*lu

We are the proud new owners of ja*lu.  While looking for a business to purchase and operate we stumbled across ja*lu.  It had all of the qualities we were looking for, flexibility, earth conscious and a superior product with room to expand.  Our Family has been growing up learning about the importance of organically grown products and living a green lifestyle.  Like most individuals we have been educating ourselves about the importance of using non-gmo products, pesticides and synthetic additives in our lives.  Another important quality in purchasing ja*lu is that we would be able to show our American Pride by manufacturing the products right here in the USA, while providing jobs in our small community in Eastern Washington.

We try very hard to source our organic cotton and supplies from suppliers within the United States and close to our manufacturing facility, reducing our carbon footprint.  Our green philosophy uses recycled paper for our printing and eco-friendly inks.  We also recycle all fabric scraps to our local schools to be used in arts and craft projects.

Giving and volunteering is second nature to our family.  Being long term; Lions Club members, Scouting volunteers and an Air Force Reservist leaves us little time for boredom.  Continuing this path we plan to give a percentage of our profits to our local Scouting programs, Baskets for Babies, Wishes and Dreams and The YWCA.

We hope that as you and your family grow up organic you choose one of our organic blankets or organic bibs for your next little one or baby shower gift.